What social enterprise brings to Australia has been little known — until now. 

This report shows that the sector makes a significant contribution.

Why is this a big deal?

Firstly, it makes visible the value of the people and organisations that make up the social enterprise sector. They should be recognised, celebrated and learned from.

Secondly, it shows that — despite limited Federal Government recognition and support — the social enterprise sector makes a significant economic contribution to Australia. Off the back of this research, we call on the Federal Government to work with our sector on a national strategy to unlock the full potential of social enterprise.

Key Findings

Australia has over 12,000 social enterprises.


Social enterprises contribute $21.3 billion to the Australian economy and account for 1% of GDP.


Over 206,000 people are employed in Australian social enterprises. That's 1 in 60 jobs or 1.6% of the workforce. It is the same number of people as Arts and Recreation or the Mining Industry.

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